My Daily Blog

Sunday December 10, 2017
I went with Gary and Karen to Applebee's for dinner.  Twila said that Rick was at the Steelers' game last night. I think Drew got him the tickets for Christmas. I fell asleep before the 8:30 kickoff.

Saturday December 9, 2017
I cannot ever remember working on leaves this late in the year. But here it was, the 9th of December, and I had a lot of leaves to get off the yard. This time I am certain that this will be the end of it with snow on the way. 

Friday December 8, 2017
I finally finished putting lights on the Christmas tree and decorating it. It only took a week for me to do this small tree. Wrapping is the next course.

Thursday December 7, 2017
Frank and I spent some time planning trips for 2018. We are planning to visit Florida, El Paso, Carlsbad, Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Colorado (Durango & Silverton) , Seattle, Victoria (Canada), Mesa, and Sedona over four trips.

Wednesday December 6, 2017
In the morning, I went to the Clarion ICU to visit a man named Al Sierko. A week or so ago, he went to the ER because he was having some trouble. A scan found he has a large mass in his lung. He has been started on chemo. Al attends our church. 

Tuesday December 5, 2017
I started to decorate the tree but I didn't get very far. Missy helped out at C-L elementary for the student Christmas shopping. I talked to Gary and he was telling me about his new grandson, Clay. This is Becky's third child. Becky and the baby are doing well. I think he was born a day or so before Thanksgiving Day.

Monday December 4, 2017
We had another warm day (for December) with the highs in the mid 50s. I cannot believe the oak leaves are still coming down and I am still getting them off the yard. Ralph and Don came here for our Tozer study.

Sunday December 3, 2017
I started reading David Jeremiah's newest book, A Life Beyond Amazing.

Saturday December 2, 2017
I got the Christmas tree out and put up. I will think about decorating it another day. 
We had our church's adult Christmas party in the evening. Nancy Ganoe catered the meal (roast beef, mashed potatoes, noodles, and much more). Both the meal and the party were very good.

Friday December 1, 2017
I had a phone interview in the morning with Social Security. Now, there is an organization that has their stuff together. They set up a date and a time for them to call you and then they call within a minute or so of that scheduled time. There is no waiting on hold and no computer menus that never has the choice that pertains to you. A big thumbs up to Social Security.​