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Wednesday July 11, 2018
The train that we are suppose to ride in Colorado this coming Sunday has been shut down since the first of June due the the wildfire north of Durango. They were hoping to resume by July 12 but it was starting to look doubtful. This evening, the commissioners downgraded fire restrictions paving the way for the train to resume running  tomorrow. 

Tuesday July 10, 2018
Jody Miles came today and put in a new bedroom ceiling fan. He also installed  a surge protector and a lightning arrestor where the power comes into the house. I think I am now done replacing things lost in the storm of last week.

Monday July 9, 2018
I wanted to trim bushes and finally get the porch railing power washed. I only got to the latter.

Sunday July 8, 2018
I went with Gary and Karen to the Trails End for crab legs.

Saturday July 7, 2018
We had our belated 4th of July picnic at Frank and Lue's. We were small in number but we picnic'd just as well as if there were 40 people.

Friday July 6, 2018
I made potato salad for Saturday's picnic at Frank & Lue's and then went to Brody's game. After several days of hot, muggy weather, it was enjoyable to sit and watch baseball during a pleasant evening. 

Thursday July 5, 2018
I bought a TV for the bedroom to replace one of the two I had lost in the storm. 
In the evening, we had an annual staff evaluation meeting at the church.​

Wednesday July 4, 2018
Comcast came to Twilas around 8 am. They found a power cord to a cable box needed replaced and her modem had been destroyed. She had been without telephone since Monday night. Then they came to my place and was here for about three hours. I got all new cable boxes and more internet speed coming into the house. I was happy with their work.

Missy had injured her big toe and decided to go to the ER. They dropped the kids off with me in the evening while they were at the ER. I took them swimming out to Frank & Lue's. Missy has a hairline fracture in her toe.

Once again we reached 90°. In fact, today was hottest day in Clarion in the past 2,539 days (July 22, 2011). The temperature peaked today at 93.1°, the highest temperature recorded here since it was 93.5° on July 7, 2012.

Tuesday July 3, 2018
I contacted Erie Insurance and opened up a claim for my lightning damage. Jody Miles came down and tested my breaker box and looked at some outlets in the kitchen. He thought everything look alright. He will come back sometime and replace the ceiling fan in my bedroom. Shirey Overhead Doors will come Thursday morning to look at the garage door. Comcast is scheduled Wednesday morning to both my place and Twila's. She has one cable box that appears damaged and she has had no telephone since the Monday evening storm.

For the 3rd day of the past 4, we reached 90° in Clarion.

Monday July 2, 2018
Ralph, Don, and I were in the middle of our Monday book review (The Jesus I Never Knew) when the storm hit. Bang - a lightning strike hit either on my property and very close. The smoke alarm went off for a few seconds, the electric went off and then back on, except in the kitchen. I had to go down and reset the breakers. After Ralph and Don left, I put up the garage door and went down to check on Twila. She was fine. When I went back up to the house, the garage door wouldn't go back down. I am afraid the motor might be fried. I thought I better check all the appliances. The dishwasher, washer, dryer, refrigerators and all else seemed fine. I shut the ceiling fan off in my bedroom, but like the garage door, it would not come back on. The same for the bedroom TV.  In the end, I may have lost three TVs but the big one downstairs seems to be ok so far. Two weeks ago I had bought an expensive surge protector and battery backup for my computer, so it is ok. We had no TV, phone, nor internet throughout the night.

Sunday July 1, 2018
I picked up Hannah and Brody for Sunday School and church. After church, Hannah left with the Hastings. Hannah and Abby Hastings are going to minicamp at Camp Judson which up on Lake Erie. They will be there from Sunday to Wednesday.  

​It was very hot again today. For the second straight day we surpassed 90°. Today's high was 91.9° with extremely high humidity. Again, this was the highest temperature in Clarion since it was 92.5° on July 17, 2012.​