Everything in me will celebrate
    when you speak what is right.

- ​Prov.  23:16

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Monday September 24, 2018
Laura sent me a message saying that she and Rick did a float on the Snake River and they really enjoyed it.
We had our Church's annual meeting this evening. 
I learned today that both Brianna and Megan are in the process of getting braces. 

Sunday September 23, 2018
I watched a lot of the golf tournament from Atlanta where Tiger won for the first time in over 5 years. 

Rick and Laura are in Wyoming going to Grand Teton NP and then on to Yellowstone.

Saturday September 22, 2018
Back to normal, washing clothes, mowing grass and watching baseball. I enjoyed the trip. I saw places and things for the first time in my life. I had never been to the state of Washington nor to British Columbia before. Seattle was interesting but not enough to warrant me ever going back, not like San Francisco or New Orleans. I would like to go back to both of them and will go back to New Orleans in February.

Friday September 21, 2018
We pulled into the port at 6 am and Frank and I left the ship by 9:00 am. We caught an Uber to the airport. It looked like a long day of sitting because we arrived at the airport at 10 am and our plane didn't leave until 3 pm. We were to arrive at Pittsburgh at 12:50 am Saturday. However, we soon learned that our flight was delayed to Chicago and there would be no or little time to make the transfer on to the plane to Pittsburgh. We asked for another flight and got one to Denver and on to Pittsburgh with an arrival time of 10:30 pm. So we got home earlier than we originally expected.

Thursday September 20, 2018
Today was the last full day of the cruise. We were docked for the day at Victoria, the capital of British Columbia. We walked into the city and back. We were gone for about 3 hours. There was a nice walkway along the waterfront. We saw the government buildings and a huge hotel but the most interesting section was at Fisherman's Wharf. They had a a few rows of floating houses and businesses. In the evening we went to a show, The Las Vegas Tenors, a trio that was very good and sang mostly popular songs of  many different eras and genres.

Wednesday September 19, 2018
We were at Nanaimo today. It is a town of a little more than 90,000 people. It has a nice waterfront. Frank and I went into town for about 2-3 hours. I got a Nanaimo bar, Ia dessert which requires no baking and is named after the city of Nanaimo British Columbia on Vancouver Island. It consists of three layers: a wafer and coconut crumb-base, custard flavored butter icing in the middle and a layer of chocolate ganache on top.  Before 6 pm we pulled out of dock and started working our way back south.

Tuesday September 18, 2018
Our ship left the Puget Sound and went out into the Pacific Ocean where we spent the day. We went to a couple of shows that were very good. One was an ice show and the others were singers and dancers performing songs of the 70s and 80s. When that last show was over, we stopped into a lounge to watch "Name that Lyric."

Monday September 17, 2018
Today we took an Uber over to the cruise ship,The Explorer of the Seas. We boarded very quickly and had the entire day on board before departing at 4 pm. Our room is nice, better than we expected, and the ship is very nice. For the first several hours after sailing, we could see Mount Rainier and then after awhile we started seeing Mount Baker.

Sunday September 16, 2018
We toured Seattle today. In the morning we took the hop off hop on tour bus. We stopped again at Pike's Market. There we ate their homemade mac and cheese then went over to the fish market to watch them throw fish. We went up the Sky View Observatory at the Columbia Center where we got a fantastic view of not only the city but the Puget Sound and mountains off n the distance.  We finished the day by taking a city bus to the Ballard Locks. They had a fish ladder for the salmon to climb over the locks. The saw a few salmon but we didn't see them jump up the ladder.

Saturday September 15, 2018
We checked out of Cle Elum and drove to the Snoqualmie Falls. After looking at the falls we ate lunch at the Snoqualmie Casino Buffet. We did not eat again the rest of the day. Next we returned our car to the Seattle airport and took an Uber to downtown where we checked into the Executive Hotel Pacific on 4th Avenue. We walked around for a few hours including checking out Pike's Market.

Friday September 14, 2018
We drove over the mountains to a town called Leavenworth, WA. It was a Bavarian village, with lots of shops and flowers everywhere. Later we drove to Wenatchee and saw the Columbia River.

Thursday September 13, 2018
We began the day by driving five miles to Roslyn, the little town where they field the TV series Northern Exposure. After that we drove east for an hour. I was very surprised that we soon came to desert. East of the Cascade Mountains they get very little rain, not enough to grow anything but desert brush.  Next we drove through apple and fruit country. It seems the fertile valley around Yakima thrives on the growing and distribution of apples and other fruits.  Next, we went to Rainier National Park. It was very pretty. We saw a short film about the park at the Henry Jackson Visitor Center. We must have put 300-400 miles on our vehicle today. What a variety of climates we saw today!

Wednesday September 12, 2018
Frank and I flew to Seattle. Our plane was delayed almost an hour in Pittsburgh because they found a scratch on it, so they said anyway.  They also said they had to do a lot of paperwork. Actually, I was hoping it was a scratch and not a crack. In the end, we got to Seattle 20 minutes ahead of schedule. We rented a car and drove a couple hours east on I-90 where we are staying three nights. It was cool and rainy by time we got to Cle Elum. 

Tuesday September 10, 2018
I wasn't able to mow before my trip because a light rain fell all morning. Brody and I went to supper at Deb's. He thought the hot roast beef sandwich was great (and he was right). Hannah was at intramural.

Monday September 10, 2018
I wanted to mow my grass today and pack for my trip tomorrow. Since it was still raining, I had to reverse the plans for these two days; so I got clothes ready and packed today. Twila was happy because they fixed her car and got it back to her. That was quick!

Sunday September 9, 2018
It was last April, while in China, Dude's dog got away from the woman taking care of her and Haley has been gone ever since. Dude got another dog this summer. Now, his friend is in Italy so Dude is taking care of her dog. He had them both up here last week. I learned today that when he got back home on Wednesday, he got contacted by the humane society. They had found his missing dog. She had been living wild in a campground about five miles away. No one could catch her but they finally did and they saw the tag on her. So, Dude now has two dogs and for the next day or so, he has three. I never would have dreamed that he would ever see Haley again.

Saturday September 8, 2018
I took Twila to her hair appointment in the morning and then I went on to a meeting at the church. I had been planning on going to see Megan and Brianna cheer on Sunday but I called Janna and said I would come another time in light of the forecast. We are suppose to get 3-4 inches of rain here as they are down there. 
Polanco was injured at the Pirates' game that we were at Friday night. Today we learned that he is out for the rest of the season.

Friday September 7, 2018
Frank, Lue, and I went to the Pirates' game against the Marlins. Danny had a ticket but didn't want to go so Dood came over and took his seat. It was a very nice evening and a good ballgame. The Pirates won 5-3 for their fourth straight win.

Thursday September 6, 2018
n the morning I took communion to the Samuelsons and then to the Eustices.
Hannah got her trumpet today.

Wednesday September 5, 2018
The adjuster came to see Twila's car. She is hoping it can be fixed. She was told they would try, however, if they found anything more serious once they started to work on it, then they would total it. She will be able to get a rental in the meantime. 

We broke 90° again today, the 8th time this year. This was the second hottest day of the summer. July 4 was the hottest. I would think that this will be the last time we will see 90° for at least 8 months. 

Tuesday September 4, 2018
Dude headed back to South Carolina today. 
It was another hot day. The high of 91.2° was the highest temperature in Clarion since July 4. This was the 7th time this summer that we reached 90° or higher.

Monday September 3, 2018
I helped Dude load a couch that had been at Twila's and belonged to Dan. Dude was running it up to Erie where Dan lives and works. Since it was a holiday and very hot outside, I didn't do much in the afternoon except stay downstairs and watch a lot of baseball. 

Sunday September 2, 2018
I preached for Jason today. After church, I got a call from Kim Smith. Kim was going into Bobs Sub when she heard a collision down the street. A motorcyclist went flying through the 5th Avenue, Main Street intersection, down the Toby Hill and smashed into the back, left side of Twila's car. She was crossing 5th Avenue from Liberty Street. Twila wasn't hurt but the guy on the motorcycle was taken by ambulance. My best guess is that he is to blame. I didn't see any skid marks so I think he wasn't watching the road. Dude talked to the EMT's and they did not think the guy was seriously injured. Twila's car was drivable. It had a big dent and a light broken out.

Saturday September 1, 2018
I picked up Hannah and Brody, then Frank at 10:30 am and we went to Clear Creek for the day. By 12:30 Fran, Ron, Lue, Danny, Gary and Karen arrived. It was a nice day. The kids played in the creek a lot trying to catch crayfish and then they played in the lake. Hannah actually swam a lot saying it wasn't that cold for her.​