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Friday February 16, 2018

I went to Tippn Gym to watch the KSAC championship games. Frank and Lue were there too, as were Jared and the kids. In the first game, C-L won its 5th conference championship in the last 7 years with a 51-32 win over Karns City.  Deion Deas played a nice game and led the way with 20 points. In the second game, the North Clarion girls won their second straight KSAC championship beating AC Valley 54-49. It was an exciting game from start to finish. Tori Obenrader had 24 points and scored the 2000th point of her career; however, I didn't think she played as well as I would have expected.

Thursday February 15, 2018

For a while today, I thought about doing some spring cleaning but the urge quickly went away. Instead, I watched game #2 of the 1979 World Series. Tekulve was tough.

Wednesday February 14, 2018
I went to Brookville to visit some people in the nursing home (Brookside & Laurelbrooke). All five visits were good: Thad Miles, Don Burkett, Ruth Hockman, Louise Isaacs, and Paul Ion. 
When I picked up the kids for church, I saw Jared and Missy's new flooring. It looked really nice.

Tuesday February 13, 2018
Marge, the woman who fell at the Y, is still not back yet. I am not sure how she ended up. Someone thought she is going back to the doctor on Wednesday.

Monday February 12, 2018
The shots I got in my shoulder last week seem to be helping.

Sunday February 11, 2018
Frank and Lue brought in a very good tasting peanut butter cake in the afternoon. 
Jared was taking Hannah back to the doctor. She may have strep throat.

Saturday February 10, 2018
I went to Hannah's basketball game down at Clarion High School. Afterwards, Jared, Missy, took Brody and some of his friends to Harmarville, to Zone 28, a bowling alley with activities like laser tag and arcade games. It was Brody's birthday party. David left to go back home in the early afternoon.

Friday February 9, 2018
David came early in the afternoon. Frank, Lue, David, and I went over to the Carriage Inn. I got lots of cards, texts, and Facebook messages wishing me a happy birthday as I turned 65. Hannah and Brody sang happy birthday to me in the morning and Brianna and Megan sang to me in evening. After we came back from Knox, I went out to check out the new Dollar store at Strattanville. I bought some valentine cards for the kids.

Thursday February 8, 2018
Brody turned 8 years old today. After his family went to Cozumel's for dinner, they stopped over for a few minutes so I could give Brody his birthday gifts (a drone and another nerf gun).

Wednesday February 7, 2018
As I arrived at the Y at 4:50 am, it was starting to snow hard. As I was going into the door, the woman that runs it in the morning, Marge Yeany, was heading outside with a snow shovel in her hand to get the snow away from the front door so it wouldn't be tracked inside. In a couple of minutes, another member came running in saying he needed help, that Marge had fallen. She hit her head on the ice and was bleeding from her head. She said she was in terrible pain. I took her to the ER. I didn't stay with her because her husband was on the way. I latter learned that she got five staples in her head and is off work until at least the beginning of next week. 

I went to see Dr. Smith, who took Dr. Armstrong's place. It was for a routine checkup of my knees. He said the knees looked good. Since they weren't busy due to patients canceling because of the weather, I asked him about my shoulder. He took x-rays and moved it around. He said I have what is called a frozen shoulder. He gave me 2 shots and said to come back in three weeks if it is not better. I looked it up when I got home. It seems like it is one of those mysteries that they are not certain what causes it, though people with diabetes have a 20% greater chance of getting it. A frozen shoulder goes through three stages and then after about 3 years it usually just goes away. So, I should be fine in about 2½ years.

Tuesday February 6, 2018
I watched the movie The Manchurian Candidate, a 1962 film that starred Frank Sinatra. I had never seen this movie before. Angela Lansbury was in it and her character has to be one of the most rotten villains.  

​Karen posted a few pictures on Facebook. They are now in New Zealand.

Monday February 5, 2018
Now that the Super Bowl is over, I guess it is time to start focusing on baseball. Since I can go back and watch any game over the past 3 or more years, I think I may rewatch some of the playoff games from last year.

Sunday February 4, 2018
I thought it was a very good and interesting Super Bowl. I am glad the Eagles got their first-ever Super Bowl win. As for the call the Eagles got considering the one the Steelers didn't; I think both were the correct call, each interpreting the rules correctly. It is just the catch rule is so weird.

Saturday February 3, 2018
I went over to Hannah's basketball game at Keystone. She played well. 
David called and said both Brianna and Megan got straight A's for the second nine weeks. He told me that Megan is also playing basketball this year. 

Friday February 2, 2018
The groundhog saw his shadow so it is six more weeks of winter.

I went to the North Clarion at C-L game. If C-L won, it would be another division title. They came into the game with 0 losses in the division while North Clarion had 1. North Clarion beat C-L by 18 points and now either of them can win the division with two weeks to go. 

As I was preparing to leave for the game, Alisha sent me a text saying that she is pregnant with Craig's and her first child. The baby is due in August. She said the two of them are beyond excited. 

On the way back from the game, I picked up Danny. He stayed the night. His mom and dad are spending a night at Salamanca. 

Thursday February 1, 2018
I was curious how the tiebreakers work in the KSAC basketball conference. I sent an email to d9sports.com. They replied promptly and told me that they would give me the CliffsNotes version. They said the conference does what many major NCAA conferences do, they take the two teams records against each team in order of the standings until one of the tied teams has a higher winning percentage than the other That is, they compare their records against the third place team, then the 4th place team, etc. If this doesn’t break the tie by the time they get to the last place team, then they do the same process with the other division. It sounds complicated, but it really isn't unless there are three-way ties or ties for 1st and 2nd in each division. The latter could very well happen this year.​